Over his past 5 years in NYC, Nick Brenock has built a reputation as a multi-faceted force in the music industry. Starting out as a guitarist, he has played with many artists including Nic Hanson, Sean Carroll, Oshun, Glassio, Raveena, Everett Orr and Julie Hanse both live and in the studio. Brenock has also worked with and studied under top NYC producers including David Kahne, Nick Sansano, and Bob Power.

“Home” is Nick Brenock’s first release as a solo artist, which premiered on The Deli Magazine in March 2017. The song is an introduction to the singer-songwriter’s entrancing indie-soul sound, and explores the ideas of independence, identity and shaping a unique path in life, despite the challenges it might present. “Home” is a peek into Brenock’s first EP, which will be released in coming months.